Bio Kathryn C Arnborg

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1979-1985 Antiquarian at Länsantikvarien in Stockholm. Prepared the “Preservation Plan for Gustavsberg” 1981-82 among others.

1985-87 Owner of  the gallery “Prints and Patterns” in Stockholm offering unique antique graphics and artwork. Conducted art courses in painting for patients at Långbro Hospital.

1988-89 Art Studies C-course. Published an article in The American Art Journal about Gustavus Hesselius.

1989 Doctorial studies at the Department of Art Science in Stockholm.

1990-92 While living in Dallas, USA, acted as voluntary at the Dallas Museum of Art in provinance research.

1991-2005 Explored and furthered my interest in the japanese flower artform, Ikebana. Founded Ikebana International in Sweden , conducted courses and exhibitions at museums such as the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

2005, 2006 Participated in two garden exhibitions in Ulriksdal’s garden in Sweden. “West meets East” a Zen-influenced garden and “Millefiori” a natural garden in contrast to a sculpture by Maija Liisa Anttonen.

2005-2009 Art studies at Skåne Painting School with known artists Ulf Ståhlhane in painting and Gunnar Friberg in drawing and sculpture.

2008-2009 Fulltime painter in a studio in the Old Fire Station in Malmö, Sweden. Participated in exhibitions including jury-judged exhibition at Edsvikens Konsthall 2007, and in Romelegården.

2009-2018 CEO and owner of the companies Tre Well Emballage AB, and Tre Well Förvaltning AB in the corrugated paper design and manufacturing industry.

1st November 2018-present, Fulltime painter